Tips for packing and unpacking

Tips for packing and unpacking

In order to guarantee the optimal delivery of your items, you must have adequate packing. With idea and good material, you will not have to worry about anything. Here are some tips to make your move safer and smoother.

  • Choose the appropriate measures of the boxes: The most important thing before you start is to know what you are going to move (measurements of the object, appliances, etc. ). Once you have the measurements, you should know that the heavier it is, the stronger the box must be to facilitate its transport.  You can choose between single channel or double wall box depending on the weight to be transported.
  • Use protective material: Bubble wrap, wrapping paper or even old newspaper; they will absorb shock and potential moisture during the transportation. Plastic or cardboard film for walls and protection of furniture and objects. With fragile objects, do not skimp on quilting and protect it with the well-known wrapping methods.
  • The adhesive tape: With the heat, always choose adhesive tape that supports high temperatures and, in this way, does not get caught early or take off when the glue that wraps around it melts.
  • Labelling: A process that many obviate but everyone needs to know. When you have a lot of material and you want to know what each box contains, the best solution is to label your entire inventory. If you hire a transport or moving agency, it is even more necessary to know and be clear about what has been placed in each of them in a clear and simple way so that you do not look like all the same boxes.

There are those who start to pack two crates in a certain room and then move to another room, and stop, it is best to work methodically, pack one room to the end, write on each carton what it contains, and put a sticker on it, We arrange the crates according to the rooms, and it is much easier and more convenient to unpack the equipment in the new apartment.

Books are very important to pack in smaller cartons because of their weight.

Packing fragile items

It is important to place a towel or a rug in the bottom of the carton, packing each piece with separate packing paper.

Also, if you are packing bottles with liquids, leave the crate open so that the movers do not accidentally turn it over while transporting