What’s involved in Office Furniture Removals?

What’s involved in Office Furniture Removals?

Additional expertise is often required when office furniture has to be moved. Delays and damages to your belongings can be upsetting, this is why you require the services of furniture removals specialists who understand these problems and have the resources to avoid them.

The experts at MLB Removals, have vast experience in the field of corporate relocation and office furniture removals. They ensure all delicate equipment & furniture is transported safely and you can quickly begin work at the new premises. No matter the shape or size of the move, professionals have the knowledge to undertake any kind of office moves such as:

  1. Office Furniture Removals

Lifting heavy objects is just one of the aspects when it comes to office removals. There are a number of factors involved, and the specialists require the knowledge of how to dismantle shelving units & filing systems and then reassemble them at the new premises. Having experts like us complete this task is necessary as the transportation of desks, cabinets and storage cabinets is at tedious and requires extreme care.

  1. Packing Specialists

Packing specialists follow a strict rotational order when it comes to packing and unpacking. This allows them to understand which items have to be unpacked quickly to get the business up and running in no time.

  1. Business Storage

During business relocations, it is often necessary to have storage organised. This includes archiving all paperwork, and storing all office furniture and equipment before an overseas move. Short and long-term storage services can also be arranged in completely secure modern facilities.

  1. Vehicles

Some office furniture removals require special vehicles to carry fragile equipment like computers or any other kinds of furniture and equipment. The vehicles are designed to carry out removals of any kind, including- trucks with ramps. Smaller business moves don’t have as much furniture or equipment. They require smaller utility vehicles which are equipped with all the necessary tools used for relocating. We also include vehicle tracking systems, which helps improve security as well as gain the trust of our clients. This allows us to track vehicles used for intertate moves and clients also receive regular updates.

The specialist that are sent to handle the relocation have all the experience and knowledge required for office furniture removals and will carry out the task in an efficient and professional manner. Relocating offices to completely new places can be a handful and this is why we offer a number of services that you can choose from to fit your particular requirement. We can also provide a tailored solution if you have any specific needs for the transportation. Our aim is to provide you services that meet your specific requirements and provide value for money.

For more information about furniture removals, feel free to call MLB Removals at 03 8609 6033. Alternatively, send us your queries through this Contact Us form on our site. You are assured of the best commercial removalist services at all times.